Using the Artefacts Catalogue

Using the Catalogue

The artefacts & images catalogue is extremely easy to use - its is a 'free text' search, just enter the name of a person, please or object and click 'GO'.

The Museum continually adds new artefact & images to its online catalogue. With over 200,000 items to choose from its a major project. We hope that you will return to the website from time to time to view new items as they are added.

We are happy to provide more details about any of the objects displayed online. Please note down the object number before contacting the Museum, to help us identify the item(s) you are referring to in your enquiry.

Please click here to enter the online collections

Access to Artefact & Images

The collections are accessible through permanent gallery displays and changing special exhibitions each year, many of which tour to other regions of the country. The objects on display are only a small percentage of the whole collection, due to the limitations of space, but the special exhibitions allow different types of object to come out of store on a rotational basis. The stored collection remains accessible to anyone who wishes to see them, either remotely with the online catalogue or by arranging an appointment with a member of staff before your visit, see Tools Of The TradeLives and Voices or Paintings and Pictures for contact details of the curator you need to speak to.


The Museum encourages the loan of objects from its collections to other institutions and welcomes loan enquiries. Loans are also available for group handling and workshop use, but unfortunately we are not able to lend items to private individuals, in the first instance please contact the Documentation Officer

If you're organisation is interested in hosting one of our touring exhibitions you can find details of what the Museum currently has available on the Touring Exhbition Group's website, if you're not a member of TEG please contact the Collections Officer.

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