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Recommended Reading

The list of books below aims to give a broad introduction to coal mining in England for all ages.  The books are available in the Library.


Younger Readers

Up to age 8:

  • Felix the Fast Tractor and the Coal Delivery, by Catherine Cannon
  • What’s Underground? by Sabrina Crewe
  • The Lump of Coal by Lemony Snicket
  • The Bag of Coal, by Wes Magee

Age 8+

  • You Wouldn’t Want to be a Victorian Miner, by John Malam
  • How We Use Coal Raintree Perspectives: Using Materials
  • Using Coal, Oil and Gas Read and Learn: Exploring Earth’s Resources by Sharon Katz Cooper
  • Coal (Our World) by Kate Jackson Bedford
  • Temper: the Story of a Boy and a Pit Pony by Jim Harland
  • Out of the Deeps by Anne Laurel Carter and Nicolas Debon
  • Ponty the Pit Pony by Lyn Whitby
  • Boy of the Deep by Ian Wallace

All the books listed above are also useful in storytelling sessions or explorations into the subject of coal.

Adult Readers

  • The History of the British Coal Industry Vol i-v.
  • Pit Ponies, by John Bright, (1986)
  • West Yorkshire Coalfield, by J Goodchild, (2000)
  • Pitmen Painters: The Ashington Group: 1934-84, by W. Feaver, (1988)
  • The History of the TUC 1868 – 1968, by L. Birch, (1968)
  • Black Diamonds: The rise and fall of an English Dynasty, by C. Bailey, (2007)
  • Wand of Science: A history of the British Flame Safety Lamp, by D Barrie, (2006)
  • The Miners, by Anthony Burton, (1976)