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Rocks & Fossils Workshop

£105 per 30 student class
Booking Fee
£2 per child
Underground Tour
Additional Children
£3.50 per head

A full day of immersion including museum led activities and self-led exploration on a Science theme. The day includes our Rocks and Fossils workshop and an underground tour led by a former miner.

Useful information:
  • We are only open Wednesday – Friday for on site bookings (Virtual Workshops are available on Mondays & Tuesdays)
  • We have capacity for a maximum of 2 classes per school, per day.
  • Schools will need to request an enquiry form using the ‘Enquire’ button to the left, submitting details of your visit and 3 preferred dates in order to book. We will then contact you as soon as possible to confirm.
  • Lunch space is included and will be exclusive to your school.

Did you know that we also offer Virtual Workshops in a variety of topics that can be accessed from your classroom? Topics include Meet a Miner, the Victorians and Rocks and Fossils.

You can also use our downloadable resources to aid your pupils learning before and after your visit.