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Pithead Baths Explore

Monday 11 September 2023 - Friday 1 November 2024
Pit Head Baths

Could you imagine walking home from work damp with sweat and mine water and covered in coal dust. You get home and your wife/mum has thankfully made you a nice warm bath- if you’re lucky it is by the fire, if you are unlucky it is outside. The dust goes everywhere, not just in the bath, so if the bath is inside there is a whole lot of cleaning up to do too, oh and then there are the work clothes to hand-wash. Then do it all again tomorrow…

Find out why it took decades of campaigning to get Pithead Baths in the mines and how processes around them enhanced the workday.

Join us on an interactive tour lead by volunteers around the Pithead Baths. Find out what systems were used and about the people who used them. Understand how revolutionary the showers were and how they boosted morale among the workforce.