Pit Ponies

Meet our very own resident celebrities!

The Museum's ponies can be visited in the Stable Yard during the day (usually between 10am - 3pm), so do stop by to say hello and  find out about the role that ponies and horses played in coal mining through the centuries. 

At other times, Eric, Ernie, Bud and Finn, our gentle giant Clydesdale horse, can be found in the fields of the Museum site, stretching their legs!  

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Adopt a Pony

The Museum's 'Adopt a Pony' Scheme is very popular and many of our members come and visit their chosen horse or pony at the stables regularly.

The perfect gift that is a wonderful idea for all ages.

It supports a great cause too! Click here to find out more.


Learn all about Pit Ponies and their role in coal mining history. Our Horsekeepers have lots of stories to tell about how miner and pony worked together deep down in the darkness. Hear how strong bonds were formed between them and the antics they got up to!

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