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Sunday 16 July 2023 - Sunday 16 June 2024
11am-12:30pm & 2pm-3:30pm
Education Room, The Hub

Calling all 11-16 year olds! Join us for our hands-on monthly STEAM Club and enjoy a creative twist on your STEM subjects using authentic materials to explore the skills behind mining.

Sun 21 January 2024 – Light Refraction

Discover how light refraction can be used to see around corners and recreate an old magic trick.

Fri 16 & Sun 18 February 2024 – Density

Experiment with different liquids and solids to learn about density, use this knowledge to make your own lava lamp.

Sun 17 March 2024 – Soil Testing/Potable water

Learn how our water treatment plant filtration works by making your own potable water.  Use scientific experiments to investigate if it is safe to drink.

Wed 27, Thu 28 and Fri 29 March – Kinetic Energy

Investigate potential and kinetic energy, you’ll even be able to invent a marble run that defies gravity.

Sun 21 April – Viscosity

Unravel the mysteries of soap and discover why we use it, then harness the power of viscosity to propel a small boat.

Sun 19 May – Exothermic/Endothermic

What are exothermic and endothermic reactions?  Come make elephants’ toothpaste and launch a small rocket to find out.

Sun 16 June – Contaminated water/ water treatment plant

Investigate how successful our water treatment plant is for cleaning polluted mine-water. Experiment with lab equipment to test if the iron content is safe to be released into the local river.

(Please note children must be accompanied by an adult – adults do not need to book)

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