Accessible Visits

The The Hub is a single storey, modern build with level entry access via automatic doors. It incorporates; Reception Desk, Shop, toilets, Mining Lives Gallery, Learning Curve Education Rooms, Conference Centre, Library and Café.


Reception Desk

The reception desk is directly opposite the Main Entrance and has a lower section of counter, and a sound induction loop to assist visitors using hearing aids. Museum information leaflets and a colour map of the site are available to collect here. Staff are available to provide information and book visitors into the Underground Tours.


2 wheelchairs are available to borrow from the reception desk as well 2 wheelchairs available to be used on the Underground Tour. These can be booked in advance by contacting reception or used on the day of visit when available.



Male and female standard toilets are located in a lobby behind the Reception area.


An accessible toilet with shower and standard toilets are available between the café and conference centre.





The shop is located adjacent to the reception desk with good circulation space from the reception desk to the shop area, and most items on display at an accessible height. Staff are available to assist anyone with difficulty reaching items.


Mining Lives Gallery

This gallery is located between the shop and the café and has a lower and upper level connected by a ramp with handrail. There is good circulation space throughout the gallery areas, and some seating.


Some of the exhibits are in open displays, and others are within glass cabinets, with clear print labels and information boards. On the upper level are some tactile images. Adjoining some of the displays are large print versions of the labels in pamphlets, for ease of reading. TV monitor screen information is accompanied by audio and subtitles. A small theatre area with TV video has restricted space, but is accessible by a wheelchair user, who may have to reverse out.


The rest of the museum site can be accessed via a rear manual single door to an external ramp with handrail.



Accessed from the top level of the Miners Lives Gallery or from the shop space via a ramp and short flight of stairs with handrails. The café has ample circulation space around the service counter, with a tray shelf at a suitable height for wheelchair users. There is reasonable space between tables, but this could be a little restricting in the centre for wheelchair users and ambulant disabled people with walking aids.


Learning Curve

The Learning Curve teaching rooms are accessed from a lobby, to the side of the reception desk with level access via the main entrance. There are double doors, both needing to be used to gain sufficient width for wheelchair access. In the teaching rooms, the doors have finger guard strips covering the hinges, resulting in 730mm clear door opening width, a little tight for standard-sized wheelchairs.


Conference Centre

The conference facilities are in the main building, and can be accessed via a self-contained level access with automatic doors or via the cafe. The conference room can be one or divided into three, and has sufficient door width for wheelchair access.


There is audio-visual equipment available to use in the conference centre but no induction loop.



The library is accessed via the conference centre and has sufficient door width for wheelchair users. Inside a librarian is available to support selection of books and there are adjustable-height tables with seating.

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