Accessible Visits

The National Coal Mining Museum for England aims to be accessible to all. The Museum is located on the original Caphouse Colliery and Hope Pit sites, and as such, many of the original buildings have been retained, to illustrate a working environment. As a result, in achieving a balance between authenticity and access, not all areas are easily accessed, particularly by wheelchair users.

Extra care must be taken when touring the site, especially between what were working buildings, as some surfaces may be uneven in places, partly caused by continuing subsidence, with mine workings beneath. Every effort is made to avoid potentially hazardous surfaces, and visitors are advised to stick where possible to clearly even and firm surfaces, not taking short cuts over uneven, unmarked routes.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome at the museum, with a water bowl positioned outside the Café.

Any special requirements or queries you may have regarding accessibility can be discussed in advance of your visit, and staff will endeavour to ensure your visit is as enjoyable as possible.
Please contact reception on: 01924 848 806


There are eleven designated blue badge car-parking spaces alongside the main building (The Hub) close to the main entrance. There is level access from these spaces into The Hub.

For the Hope Pit site, car parking is available either at the top of the site or adjoining the various buildings, and, whilst there are no designated blue badge spaces, there is usually the facility to park on the aprons in front of the Blacksmiths Workshop and Power House.

Please ask at reception if you would like more information about parking across the site.


Male, Female and Accessible toilets are available in three locations across the site: within The Hub, to the rear of Hope Pit Workshop Building and near to the Stables. There is a shower located in the Accessible toilet within The Hub. Our nearest changing places toilet is at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Travelling Around the Site

This is a large site with 4 main zones The Hub and Caphouse ZoneHope Pit and Pit Wood. The Hub and Caphouse sit on the former Caphouse Colliery site, Hope Pit is 350m away and Pit Wood straddles the two.

The bulk of the main Caphouse Colliery site is reasonably level, with tarmac and concrete surfaces between buildings and pedestrian routes clearly signed. However, there is a section of the site at a considerably lower level that incorporates the Stables, Pithead Baths and toilets. Access to this part of the site is either via a long sloped road, with a gradient of around 1:12, or a steep and long set of stairs with handrails each side.

Maximum travelling distance between buildings is approximately 50m on the main site, with level access to the Lamproom, Underground Tours buildings, and the Steam Winding Room. There is a 10m (approximately) sloped area, maximum gradient around 1:12 to access the Victorian gallery. There is a slight slope, approximately 1:18, between the Steam Winding Room, Control Room and Technology Gallery Buildings.

The Hope Pit site is approximately 350m from the Caphouse Colliery site and is connected by a road with parallel railway track. Travelling between sites can be along a pedestrian route beside the road, via the museum train (when running), or by car.

The Hope Pit site has greater distances between buildings. The central area is reasonably level, with a slightly graded tarmac route to the Power House, and a tarmac-surfaced wide footpath route, with a gradient of a maximum 1:12 to the Winding Engine building. All routes are surfaced with tarmac or gravel but some areas between buildings are uneven.

The Nature Trail can be accessed via the Hope Pit site or the Caphouse Colliery Site and is between ½ mile and a mile in length, depending on route taken.

The whole Museum site has directional signage with wayfinder maps positioned at key locations, including some environmental information provided in Braille.

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