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Adopt a Pony

£20.00 / year

When Eric and Ernie, our two Welsh ponies, were abandoned, the National Coal Mining Museum for England gave them a safe new home. They live here with their friends with Bud, a blue and white cob and Finn, a Clydesdale – a breed which is at risk of dying out. Together, they help to honour the memories of the pit ponies that once lived and worked in mines across England’s coalfields. Help us keep their story alive by adopting a pony today.

Could you help care for our ponies and Finn? For just £20 a year, you could make a real difference to them.

Our ponies get lots of care to keep them happy, safe and comfortable.  Your support could contribute towards the cost of feed, hay, vaccinations, worming, rugs, bedding, foot trimming, fencing, and more.

In return for your support, you will receive an adoption certificate, enamel pony badge, photograph, a factsheet all about your chosen pony, and regular behind-the-scenes updates from our Pony Discovery Centre.