Learning Hub

The National Coal Mining Museum for England creates powerful, meaningful and memorable learning experiences that last.

  • Unique and authentic – meet real miners in a real coal mine!
  • Sensory – experience the sights, sounds, smells and feel of your heritage
  • Exciting – leave the classroom and take your class on a journey of discovery
  • Surprising – did you know we have ponies and canaries on site?
  • Engaging – our interactive exhibitions and hands on workshops engage pupils of all ages and abilities
  • Immersive – Our full days of led activities enable your pupils’ imaginations to run free
  • Accessible and Inclusive – our spaces are accessible for wheelchair users and our staff are trained to support pupils with a range of needs.

Museum School Visits

Take your class on a trip underground at the National Coal Mining Museum where they will meet a charismatic former miner in a real mine. Wander through over 15 curriculum linked galleries, stroke horses and see canaries that would have helped miners have better working lives and explore acres of woods.


Remote Learning

Can’t make it to the museum? Don’t worry we can bring the museum to you!
While nothing can replace the experience of the real thing, these resources and sessions give you unique access to the museum’s staff and resources, to use alongside your classroom teaching.

Home Learning

Home Educators are always welcome at the National Coal Mining Museum. Every month you can get a deeper understanding of the museum with our specially tailored workshops.