“Our Backyard” Bronze Sculpture

YKSMM: 2006.47.1
Betty Miller
Mid 20th Century

This bronze cast sculpture by artist Betty Miller shows a row of terraces with a backyard scene. The backyard contains a row of washing lines with detachable brass sheets and small bronze figures.

This piece is one of approximately thirty tableaux collectively entitled ‘My Village’ which depict different aspects of community life in Royston during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The artist originally arranged several of the pieces into groups. This piece forms part of an arrangement entitled ‘Our Backyard’.

Betty Miller was one of nine children who spent much of her childhood years in Royston, South Yorkshire. Royston at this time was a typical mining village which was built around Monckton Main Colliery. Her father, J. L. Wood was an accomplished photographer who owned a studio in the village and photographed the colliery

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