National Coal Board Playing Cards

YKSMM: 2006.376

A leather holder containing an NCB promotional bridge set issued by the NCB North West Division. It consists of a grey box with ‘NCB North West’ and ‘bridge’ stamped on the front in gold, 2 notepads, 2 pencils, and 2 sets of playing cards. The card boxes say ‘With Compliments of the NCB North-West.’ On the reverse of the cards is an advert for home coal ‘Housewarming Coal Is Best NCB North West.’

These cards belonged to the donor’s sister-in-law. She was the private secretary to the Managing Director of B.S.N. Coal Sales in Chesterfield. Following Nationalisation, he was appointed as Marketing Director for the East Midlands Division and the sister-in-law became the Marketing Director’s private secretary. The donor believes that the Marketing Director from the North Western Division brought them over as a promotional gift.

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