Mining Lives: New Gallery

Celebrate how coal has shaped the last 300 million years on earth. Explore how the coal industry went from employing more than a million people, a hundred years ago, which is roughly the size of the NHS, to none in 2016. Understand how the people who worked in the industry changed over time from women and children to Bevin Boys who were conscripted during Word War II and immigrants.

Learn how miners tackled challenges at work from wearing smoke helmets that looked like Darth Vader’s mask and breeding canaries to fighting for better work conditions. See how Madonna was used to boost moral during the mine closures.

Imagine their leisure time with community Gala Days, bands, beauty pageants and community trips to the seaside. See how women shaped the miners lives from managing their home lives to assuming roles as political activists and taking up roles on the pit brow.

Schools will find this gallery useful for:

Key Stage One (KS1)

  •         English – spoken language
  •         History  -local study
  •         Geography - human

Key Stage Two (KS2)

  •         English – spoken language
  •         History  -local study
  •         Geography – human
  •         British Values

Key Stage 3 (KS3)

  •         English – spoken language, vocabulary development
  •         History – Industrial revolution, social and technological changes in Post-war Britain, Local History
  •         Geography – human economic activity, use of natural resources
  •         Citizenship
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