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Voices in the Coalshed: Rescue Bag

Brave men who volunteered, were accepted and trained, to save the lives of others always kept their bag at the ready for when the call came.

This acrostic poem spells out what this team was called  – right down the middle of the poem – and intrigues you with what essential items would be found in the bag…

What’s in Your Bag Dad?


              Chalk, large, to mark the way;

                          A swipe card in a leather case;

                                    Some short pencils which won’t break;

                  My green helmet and,

                                         Gloves and finger tape.

                                                 Rescue Training and incident log;

                              Triangle bandages, ironed and folded;

                              My belt with spanner and knife;

                                                    Barrier cream to protect the skin;

                    Shin guards,

                         Knee pads

                        And a Bic razor,

                             All in a

                                         Green holdall


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