The museum reflects the site as a working colliery. The exhibitions are spread in three of the four zones of the 45 acre site. Some galleries are large and similar to what you will see in most museums and others are small buildings that you can step in to see how the building functioned and contributed to the overall running of the site.

The Hub Zone is the main museum building and houses four galleries:

  • Mining Lives which is the main gallery looking at life inside and outside a colliery *NEW FOR 2019*

  • Little Diggers is a soft play area suitable for children under 5 years old

  • The Temporary Gallery Space

  • The Community Space

Caphouse Zone is the area around the Underground Tour and includes five galleries where you can experience the life of a working colliery

  • Technology Gallery

  • Victorian Gallery

  • Steam Winding House

  • Pithead Baths

  • Weighbridge

Hope Pit Zone is around 800m from the main site where you can discover the mechanics of mining through five galleries

  • Power House

  • Inman Pumping House

  • Electric Winding House

  • Compressor House

  • Fan House

  • Blacksmiths Workshop
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