Biram’s Patent Economy Flame-Safety Lamp

YKSMM: 1997.114
Flame-Safety Lamp
Elsecar Colliery
William Cutts

Many engineers and inventors tried to improve on Davy’s safe lamp.  Benjamin Biram was the steward and general manager for Earl Fitzwilliam of Wentworth Woodhouse, owner of Elsecar colliery and the Wentworth estate. Biram was a man of great intelligence and invention, developing several devices for improving mining conditions.

The Biram lamp attempted to improve on the problems of the Davy lamp particually when it was carried in strong ventialtion currents. It has a unique semi-cylindrical form with an internal steel reflector and a window made of mica. Like the Davy, the design still relies on a metal gauze to allow air in and out.

The lamp itself was made by William Cutts of Sheffield.

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