Chat to charismatic former-miners

As they tell the tales of their mining careers and the men, women, children, animals and equipment that worked the coal mines for centuries before them. Hear how mining lingo, hardships and dangers shape how we live our lives today.

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Explore 6 galleries and buildings

Find out about the story of coal and how it changed our nation forever. Unearth the stories of life as a coal miner at work and home. See how mining tools and machinery evolved over 200 years.

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Explore the great outdoors

Meet our horse and ponies, let off steam in the adventure playground then wander through acres of woods, with a stream and cascade fed from expansive reed beds and incredible water treatment ponds.

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Book your visit

All visitors to the museum will need to pre-book a slot for you and those in your bubble your visiting with. There is a £2.10 booking charge and they are spaced in 10 minute slots.

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What's on

Gala Day!

Brass bands, union banners and beers. Family, friends, the fun of the fair… and the worse for wear. Come and experience the sights and sounds of Gala Day in our brand-new temporary exhibition.

Drawn from the Pits

From the dark depths of the British mines a group of luminary artists emerged, depicting lives of mining communities in ways that could be compared to the likes of Picasso and Lowry.

Shine a Light

Peer into the lives of mining communities through the memories of Wakefield artist Seanna Doonan. Drawn from her own experiences growing up hearing folk songs about miners and the miners’ strike, she captures the people, voices and stories of miners in pen and ink.

Meet us at the coalface…




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