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Explore Caphouse, a modern colliery which witnessed more than two hundred years of coal production. Hear stories directly from former-miners about their careers and understand the roles men, women, children, animals and machinery played in the operation of the mine.

  • Visit the Technology Gallery and see some of the tools of the trade to discover how miners overcame the challenges of working underground including a new permanent exhibition “A Light in the Darkness”whichlooks at the contribution that Sir Humphry Davy and others made in the lamp’s evolution.
  • In the Victorian Gallery you can experience how difficult mining was in the 19th century and why they realised it wasn’t appropriate to have children working underground. 
  • See our historic steam-winding engine in action which once pulled miners and coal from 140m underground before taking a trip to the stables to meet our horse and ponies.
  • Find out where miners would start and end their days and how they would get paid in the Pithead Baths.
  • In Mining Lives you can find out about the people and communities at the heart of the industry.
  • Our new special exhibition “Drawn from the Pits”, exploring how working in the mine influenced the work of a group of eminent mining artists.

Visitors are encouraged to return at a later date to experience the Underground Tours, Adventure Playground, Soft Play Area, Nature Trail, Hope Pit and the Library

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