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Still the Enemy Within: Film Screening

Saturday 29 June 2024
Conference Centre

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Owen Gower’s film about striking miners is a heartfelt tribute to communities hammered by political forces” – The Guardian

‘Still the Enemy Within’ is an award-winning documentary that gives a unique insight into one of history’s most dramatic events: the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike. This is the raw, emotional and ultimately inspiring story of those who lived through Britain’s longest strike.

Featuring never-before-seen archive footage, this documentary follows the true story of the miners on the frontline. With moving and often funny contributions from miners wives and supporters including the real life story behind hit film ‘Pride’ this is a chronicle both of personal drama and of events that shaped the world today. Accompanied by a soulful, timely soundtrack, ‘Still the Enemy Within’ challenges us to look again at our past so that in the words of one miner, “we can still seek to do something about the future”.

About the Film

Age Guidance: Suitable for ages 15+ (contains descriptions and images of violence).
Running Time: 90 minutes approx.

About Owen Gower

Owen has over ten years experience in documentaries for film and television. He began his career co-shooting the flagship Channel 4 documentary ANTONY GORMLEY: MAKING SPACE with acclaimed director Beeban Kidron. Since then he has made programs for the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, National Geographic and Netflix – most recently Series Directing two major primetime documentaries for Channel 4 and working with the Oscar winning makers of Senna and Amy on a major new Netflix series. STILL THE ENEMY WITHIN was his first theatrical release.

Image header credit: Les Smith