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Sharing memories - remembering and recording the lost memories of Coal Nationalisation.


In 2017, the National Coal Mining Museum for England celebrates the seventieth anniversary of the nationalisation of coal. It was an event which drew the whole industry together under the newly created National Coal Board (NCB) and changed the landscape of British mining forever.


We're inviting the public to come along to one of our memory sharing events.


Do you remember the early days of the Coal Board?

Were you a miner who saw the industry slowly become mechanised or a miner’s wife who saw the benefits of the welfare provision?  If so we would like to meet you.

 Event Dates and Venues:  

The events will be held at the following locations. Click on the link to find a map of the location

History of Nationalisation

Described as ‘the great experiment of socialism’, over 900 pits were taken off private coal-companies’ hands and given over to public ownership by the then Labour government. All mines and collieries came under the NCB, a single body which oversaw production and development, regulated wages, introduced widespread safety and welfare reforms and invested heavily in technological improvements. This shift from hundreds of individual coal companies to a single body was a task of mammoth proportions.

What do I need to bring?

If you have any photographs of the era, then please feel free to bring them down with you.

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