Our Year 2024: 24 in 24 | A Curated Tour of the Martyn Pitt Exhibition
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Our Year 2024: 24 in 24 | A Curated Tour of the Martyn Pitt Exhibition

Saturday 13 January 2024
11am - 12pm
Exhibition Space, The Hub

Please note, tickets have now Sold Out, the exhibition is open and free to visit daily until 18 February 2024.

Make your way to the National Coal Mining Museum for a free curated tour of the Martyn Pitt photography exhibition from 11am – 12pm. Booking essential.

Discover the career of Martyn Pitt, National Photographer for the final years of the Coal Industry. His work chronicled the successes and failures, development and decline, and throughout his 30+ years in the industry, Pitt built friendships with the miners he recorded. With a focus on Pitt’s underground photography, the exhibition gives us a peek at the hidden world hundreds of metres below our feet and examines his role and responsibilities as the industry’s photographer. His images documented the conditions, practices, and stories of the last 20 years of coal mining and were used to illustrate mining reviews, posters, and newspapers. They reveal the working conditions of modern mining, and most importantly, the men who mined the coal. After over 30 years in the industry, Martyn retired in 2012 and in 2014, the Museum acquired his image archive. The Martyn Pitt collection contains images spanning the period of privatisation between 1994 and 2012 and includes film negatives and digital images, taken whilst working for British Coal, RJB Mining and UK Coal. These images are the sole visual record of mining during that period, documenting mining developments and illustrating the corporate journals and newsletters produced in that period. This exhibition is the first major showing of his legacy of work.

To mark the launch of Our Year – Wakefield District 2024, Wakefield Council is hosting 24 in 24, a celebration which will see 24 events take place on one jampacked day and bringing communities together. Taking place across each ward of the Wakefield district on Saturday 13 January 2024, 24 in 24 will be a taste of what’s to come throughout Our Year’s 366-day programme of activity. The day will feature 24 free events spanning walks, exhibitions, and interactive workshops & activities on your doorstep!

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