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Makers’ Shed: Summer Science Spectacular

Saturday 23rd July 2022 - Sunday 4th September 2022
12:00pm – 4:00pm
Pony Discovery Centre, Pit Wood

Schools out, fun is in! Roll up your sleeves, and unleash your creativity as we explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. We have lots to make, see and do in line with our changing weekly themes of Geology, Mighty Machines, What’s in our Water?, Renewable Energy, and Nature in our Summer Science Spectacular.


23,24 July and 27-31 July GEOLOGY

ACTIVITY – Can you recreate Strata?

UNDER 5’S- Make your own rock animals

HANDS ON – Pan for artefacts in sand pit


ACTIVITY – Make a miner key ring out of nuts and bolts

UNDER 5’S- Build a ‘cage’ for miners to go up and down from the underground

HANDS ON – Have a go at measuring wind speed with an anemometer and play with hydraulics tipper trucks

10-14 August WHAT’S IN OUR WATER?

ACTIVITY – See what patterns you can make with our natural tie-dye

UNDER 5’S- Make a duck to swim across your handmade orange pond

HANDS ON – Test our mine water to see what secrets it reveals

17-21 August GEOLOGY

ACTIVITY- Carve a fossil out of soap

UNDER 5’S- Make a clay impression that looks like a fossil

HANDS ON – Can you find a fossil in our sand pit?


ACTIVITY- Make a Tom Pudding paddle boat

UNDER 5’S- Can you make an optical toy that looks like a water wheel?

HANDS ON – Test how your boat moves, and see examples of solar and wind models

31 August- 4 September NATURE

ACTIVITY 1- Make a Red Kite Puppet and fridge magnets

UNDER 5’S- Can you make a bug out of a peg?

HANDS ON – Nature Rubbings