Heroes & Heroines Exhibition

Our unique Exhibition asks YOU to explore the extraordinary lives of Heroes and Heroines in the Mining Industry.

Explore the real lives of people who went beyond the call of duty, and follow their awe-inspiring story.

Inspired by the ordinary stories in history , the exhibition focuses on looking at  famous heroes and heroines linked with the coal mining industry and its community; its inventors, protectors, activists and reformers.

Th exhibition focuses on the ordinary men and women who worked tirelessly in the industry over the years to provide for their families. They fought for the right to work, and brought the values and camaraderie from the pit into the community.

How is the exhibition going to work?

The exhibition has been been installed  in two phases. The first phase has been  focusing on heroes and heroines nominated by Museum staff. This has provided an opportunity for all of the Museum’s staff to feed into the exhibition, not just the curatorial team.

 As a visitor, we would like you to consider who you would most like to nominate as your heroes and heroines for the second part of the exhibition in July.

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Add your own Heroes and Heroines to the Museum's archives by nominating your hero.

Find out more about the exhibition on our dedicated Heroes page.

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