Heritage Open Days

21st-22nd September 
10:30, 12:30 and 2:30

This September, enjoy exclusive access to our rarely-seen Screening Rooms which we’ll be opening up especially for the Heritage Open Day weekend! Learn from a former miner about how coal was brought out of the ground and even get an up close look at the last wooden head gear in Europe.

During this unique experience, discover how miners’ productivity and pay was measured, how the coal was screened so it could be graded for different markets and how waste was removed from coal. And that’s not all! Meet a ‘Pit Brow Lass’ and understand the role of women in the mine following their ban from working underground in 1842.

You’ll need a good head for heights and be happy with steep and narrow stairs to enjoy this rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and see inside th e plant where coal was sorted for nearly 100 years!

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