Firewalk @ Pit

Firewalk @ Pit

Saturday 10th March, 6pm

In aid of Wakefield Hospice.

Dare you walk on hot coals?

We are delighted to introduce our HOTTEST challenge of the year!

Firewalking is the practice of walking barefoot on hot embers - which will be burning at a mean temperature of 1236 degrees Farenheit.  We have teamed up with professional firewalking company Blaze who have 23 years of experience in the industry.

Your experience starts at 6.30pm with a two hour coaching session which blends a combination of no-nonsense, easily explainable scientific principles of firewalking with motivational skills which will enable you to walk on hot coals for us.  This event is all about facing your fears and overcoming the seemingly impossible, as well as raising funds for the patients and families of Wakefield Hospice.  The session is both fun and informative and whilst there is still very much a spiritual element attached to firewalking, Blaze take on a 'no nonsense' approach to this art.

Friends and family are welcome to come along to watch your firewalk.  Whilst you are in the training session the Asparagus Green cafe will be open and there is even the opportunity for an underground tour of the mines (please note this needs to be pre-booked).  .  They will also be able to watch the Blaze staff light and rake out your firepath - which is a spectacle in itself.

At 8.30pm all walkers will be brought outside and the firewalks begin! Every walker will be invited to take to the path one at a time and with support from Blaze, fellow walkers, hospice staff, volunteers and of course friends and family can watch you complete your walk!  Once everyone has had their turn our fantastic firewalkers will celebrate their success and everyone will be issued with a certificate of achievement!

Registration for this event is £20 per person and we ask that ALL participants raise sponsorship for Wakefield Hospice.

If you have any questions about this event please contact Fiona Day on 01924 331404 or email

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