Caphouse Creators Special: Make Your Own Lamp

Saturday 24th October, Sunday 25th October and Wednesday 28th October- Sunday 1st November, 11am – 12pm and 1:30pm – 2:30pm.

This session costs £5 per child, adults go FREE.

Illuminate the Darkness! Decorate your own glass lamp using decoupage and wire your own electrical circuit to light it up.

Caphouse Creators is a fun activity club where children aged 6+ get the opportunity to get creative, learn new skills and try out practical techniques. As the Creators are busy making they will learn why the techniques work (or not) with theories from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

Tickets need to be pre-booked here

If you would like to visit the museum, playground and nature trail as well as take part in Caphouse Creators please book your surface ticket here.

The workshop will be made Covid safe by:

  •          Equipment will be set up and quarantined 72 hours prior to the workshop.
  •          The facilitator will wear a visor at all times in workshop
  •          The resource packs will be collected from a box on entry.
  •          Tables will be sanitised before and in between groups.
  •          Each social bubble will be allocated a table
  •          Tables will be 2 meters apart and different bubbles sat side on to each other.
  •          Equipment on each table will only to be used by the bubble of people on that table.
  •          Participants will only use their table – no standing up and walking around the room.
  •          Windows in the room will be open to enable circulation of fresh air.
  •          A digital visualiser linked to the demo station will be projected onto the screen so all members of the workshop can see.
  •          The facilitator will not handle the work of the participant
  •          If a participant needs support the facilitator will demonstrate again on the visualiser.
  •          Written instructions will also be given to support the verbal and visual instructions to limit interaction between facilitator and members of the public in a confined space.
  •          Visitors will sanitise hands before workshop and hand sanitiser will be placed in the centre of each table, so visitors can sanitise their hands throughout the workshop.
  •          Details of each participant will be collected for track and trace during booking

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