Caphouse Coal Race

Join us on Saturday 25th May to find your toughest coal carrying runners in a traditional 800m race across the museum grounds. Find out if you have enough grit to beat your competitors and win the cash prize!

Men will carry 40kg of coal, women 20kg, youths 10kg and children 5kg in weight. The adults' race will start at the main reception and continue for 800m to finish at the Hope Workshop, while the children and youths' will finish opposite the roundabout.

Race Programme

Children's Races - £1 Entry Fee (Aged 11-14)

  • Boys - 11.00am
  • Girls - 11.20am

Youths' Races  - £2 Entry Fee (Aged 15-17)

  • Boys - 12.00pm
  • Girls - 12.20pm

Adults' Races - £7.50 Entry Fee

  • Men - 1.00pm
  • Women - 1.20pm

Due to there being a maximum of 20 entrants per race, we recommend that you book your place on 01924 848806.



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