The Battle for Orgreave: Film Screening
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The Battle for Orgreave: Film Screening

Sunday 23 June 2024
Conference Centre

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The Battle for Orgreave by Yvette Vanson lets miners recount their own history, their economic and political struggles over decades and the trial they endured for 48 days in Sheffield when charged with riot at Orgreave – facing life imprisonment.

Containing compelling testimonies, emotive cinematography, in depth analysis coupled with meticulous detail of the mass picket and the ensuing events of June 18 1984 at the Orgreave coking plant, the documentary also has unique footage of police violence.

About the Film

Age Guidance: Suitable for ages 15+ (contains descriptions and images of violence).
Running Time: 90 minutes approx.

About Yvette Vanson

Yvette Vanson is an award-winning documentary producer-director. Discover more of Yvette’s work via her website.