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About Voices in the Coalshed


This volunteer-led project explores the language and literature inspired by coal mining.

It offers an opportunity for individuals or groups to express themselves through creative writing inspired by the national coal mining story.

Dave Alton, a poet and writer for almost 5 decades, has volunteered with us for many years to establish opportunities for creative writing at the National Coal Mining Museum. David’s previous projects have included work with the Tyneside Poets and Northern Voices before moving to Barnsley and supporting the development of Voices in the Coalshed, formerly the Coalshed Poets.

As well as working with our online audiences to create a regular collaborative piece of creative writing grounded in mining heritage, we are also inviting established writing groups to contact us via voicesinthecoalshed@gmail.com.  We want to showcase their voices too, inspired by objects, images and stories from the Museum’s collections. This gives writing groups an on-line platform through which they can showcase their creative talents. 

The Voices in the Coalshed team also explore the legacy of mining language and how written and oral history, from and about the industry, illuminates mining heritage. Our volunteers then use this research to create monthly online features on a range of topics including regional terms, phrases adopted into common parlance and other intriguing places where we find the legacy of coal mining embedded in our language.

To read some of the groups' work, check our Virtual Museum or visit Voices in the Coalshed's official blog.

We are inviting groups who would like to showcase their creative writing talents in Voices in the Coalshed, inspired by our story and our collections.

Inspired to showcase your creative writing?

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Hope to nurture your group’s existing creatives and invite new talents?

if your group would like to work with Voices in the Coalshed then Initial enquiries should be made to voicesinthecoalshed@gmail.com

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