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October's Activity

Any creative writers out there? Then this one's for you!
After some wonderful contributions in September, we're back with October's activity for Voices in the Coalshed!
What is a Shadowmancer and what does a Shadowmancer want to happen?
Send us a sentence or a phrase, and using your ideas Dave will complete the ballad, ready to be posted on Halloween.
Email us your contributions at voicesinthecoalshed@gmail.com



About Voices in the Coalshed

Dave Alton has been a poet and writer for near on 5 decades. Four of them associated with The Tyneside Poets then, latterly, Northern Voices. Since moving to Barnsley, while continuing the link with Northern Voices, he has been instrumental in establishing Voices in the Coalshed (previously known as the Coalshed Poets) at the National Coal Mining Museum.

Set up and run by volunteers, the aim of Voices in the Coalshed is to involve people in expressing themselves through writing, and contributing their individual insights on coal mining in particular and the wider community, for which mining has been a significant influence. To read some of the groups' work, visit Voices in the Coalshed's official blog.

Dave’s ambition is to attract new members to Voices in the Coalshed. If that interests you, then contact him through the email address is voicesinthecoalshed@gmail.com.


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