Experience coal mining heritage with activities you can do at home. Most of the activities use everyday objects and materials in the average home.

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Now that the weather's brighter, Maurice has been so excited to get outside, and he's even made some binoculars so he can explore nature up close!

Using things you'll likely find in your own home (especially the toilet roll tubes!), see if you can have a go at making some of your own to use in your garden.

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Have you ever wondered how to make paint and brushes? Join our learning co-ordinator, Amy, to create your own home-made paint and brushes!

You'll need:

Ingredients: White Flour, Salt, Colouring (Food colouring, wax crayons or brightly coloured spices eg –turmeric, paprika, mustard powder etc), Found items around the house and garden (feathers, bubble wrap, leaves,wool, fabric, ribbon etc), Pegs (desirable)

Equipment: Container (jars, yogurt pots, egg tray etc), Stirrers (spoon, stick, lollypop stick etc),  Recycled cardboard packaging to paint on, Pen or pencil to draw with, Weighing scales (desirable), · Measuring jug (desirable)

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Usually, Maurice likes to treat Nora to a lovely Easter egg, however this year, he'll be working hard at the mine while we stay home. At first, Maurice was sad that he wouldn't be able to give Nora her special egg this year, until he had a wonderful idea to make one for her!

See if you can have a go at making your own Easter egg that you can send a picture of to not only your family and friends, but us here at the Museum - we'd love to see!

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Did you know that some horses really did used to be coal mine bound, working underground with the miners?

Why not have a go at creating your own puppets out of socks, cardboard or any other materials you can find around the house and try putting on your own show? Maurice the Miner and his friends would love to see what you can come up with!

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Our friend Motty the Mole is showing his support for the NHS by making his very own rainbow out of things he finds on his daily walk! Can you make one too?

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For this month's Caphouse Creators, Amy is showing us all how to create our very own puppets out of things likely found at home! Have a go at making your own and let us know how you get on!

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