Dust In The Blood


Author - Michael Atherton

Paperback - 254 pages

Set in post WW1.
In a coal mine in Lancashire there is a catastrophic collapse with men trapped below ground. There is little hope of their survival, but these men are tunnelers. They have survived a war that killed millions and then the flu epidemic that killed millions more. It didn’t kill these ten and they don’t intend to die underground.

Above they have a sympathetic mine owner who is conscious of the plight of his workers. Outside the gates, revolution is in the air and communism is growing fast. They see this as an opportunity to strike fear into the business owners and make them pay for all the past misdemeanours. But they are in for a surprise because in the depths of a society that is torn and recovering from the battles fought in France and Belgium there is a new battle to be fought and that is about to ensure these ten men stuck deep underground are given every chance to survive. This is a mining community and it doesn’t like being told what to do. This isn’t a political fight, it’s personal.

Dust in the Blood is the story of that fight. A community sticking together and helping, in a world that seems determined to tear itself apart.

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