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Genuine Used Miners Lamp

A genuine reconditioned miner’s lamp made by The Protector Lamp & Lighting Company Ltd


Eli the Miner

A miner eating his “snap”, made with coal.


Chums Coal Model

A miner seated with his horse, made with coal. Height: 20cm


Round Trinket Box Coal Model

Lidded trinket box approximate diameter 9cm wide (3.5”) and 7.5cm tall handcrafted using moulded coal resin.


Large Bath-time Coal Model

A handcrafted two piece model with a miner in a tin bath in front of a coal range, made with moulded coal resin 16cm x 11.5 cm


Boy in Hand Coal Model

A handcrafted figurine of a boy holding a teddy within a hand, made with moulded coal resin.


Girl in Hand Coal Model

A handcrafted figurine of a girl within a hand, made with moulded coal resin.


Coal Tub Coal Model

A handcrafted replica coal tub with an engraved plaque reading “National Coal Mining Museum for England”, made with moulded coal resin.


End of an Era Coal Model

A handcrafted model depicting four miners standing back to back made with moulded coal resin.


The Quintessential Cornish: The life and work of Norman Cornish

A collection of work by Norman Cornish one of the best known pit town artists. Norman Cornish is considered by many as the Lowry of the Pits and documented life in the thriving pit villages of Co Durham. This book by Robert McManners and Gillian Wales includes artwork in the National Coal Mining Museum’s collection such as Berriman’s Chip Van.


‘Sing Beneath The Sun’ CD + A5 Booklet

Inspired by the lives of his great-grandparents, Sam Jefferson’s 'Sing Beneath the Sun' tells a tragic, yet hopeful story of the mining and cotton milling communities of Barnsley during the early 20th century.


Shafts of Light: Mining Art in the Great Northern Coalfield

Robert Mcmanners & Gillian Wales analyse the work of the major coalfield artists in the North East of England . The book celebrates the work of over 70 coalfield artists including The Ashington Group, Norman Cornish, Tom McGuiness and Bob Olley and considers why there is such a rich variety of coal mining art which is not found in other industries.


Coal Queens- Paperback

Being related to a coal miner came with privileges including the ability to compete for the title of Coal Queen. Find out what competing meant to the participants, what they won and how winning shaped their lives.


Coal Faces Mining Lives Book

A showcase of some of the most fascinating portraits in the National Coal Mining Museum’s Art Collection.


The Drift- Hardback

A hardback museum publication with photographs by Ian Beesley and words by Ian McMillan.


Caphouse to Calder Grove- Paperback

A National Coal MIning Museum for England publication by Malcolm Till telling the story of the colliery mineral line. Paperback


Pit Profiles- Reprofiled- Paperback

A modern day reflection of workers lives at Kellingley Colliery- the last commercial deep coal mine in the UK. Paperback by Anton Want


Caphouse Colliery Paperback

A brief documentation of the evolution of Caphouse Colliery from plans of shafts being sunk in 1791 to becoming the National Coal Mining Museum


BJD Book- Paperback

A National Coal Mining Museum book showcasing some of the contributions British Jeffrey Diamond made to industrial heritage and for its employees.


Heat Pump Technology- Paperback

A book documenting the investigation by the National Coal Mining Museum to use Heat-pump technology on the waste minewater to heat the buildings.


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