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Genuine Used Miners Lamp

**Currently out of stock - Check back soon!** A genuine reconditioned miner’s lamp, a great collectors items.


The Miners Lamps of John Davis & Son

This is a comprehensive history of John Davis, it is the story of the founding family, supported by full colour photographs of all their lamps.


Clanny, Stephenson & Davy

Celebrating 200 years of the development of The Miners Safety Lamp, the book records detailed reasearch of how the first lamps were conceived and developed by Clanny, Stephenson and Davy.


Haynes Coal Mine Operations Manual

This Haynes Manual explains the evolution of British coalmining from a technical and engineering standpoint from the 18th to the 20th century, the heyday of British mining.


Shafts of Light: Mining Art in the Great Northern Coalfield

Robert Mcmanners & Gillian Wales analyse the work of the major coalfield artists in the North East of England . The book celebrates the work of over 70 coalfield artists including The Ashington Group, Norman Cornish, Tom McGuiness and Bob Olley and considers why there is such a rich variety of coal mining art which is not found in other industries.


The Quintessential Cornish: The life and work of Norman Cornish

A collection of work by Norman Cornish one of the best known pit town artists. Norman Cornish is considered by many as the Lowry of the Pits and documented life in the thriving pit villages of Co Durham. This book by Robert McManners and Gillian Wales includes artwork in the National Coal Mining Museum’s collection such as Berriman’s Chip Van.


Miners' Battalion

Miners' Battalion, A History of the 12th (Pioneers) King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1914-1918 follows the battalion throughout the war and shows how the men, mainly Yorkshire miners, applied their civilian skills to the purposes of war.


Images of the Past: Coal Miners

This book is unique in that it concentrates on the miner, his family and his work through a selection of illustrations.


You Can't Kill The Spirit

Houghton Main Pit Camp, South Yorkshire: The Untold Story of the Women Who Set Up Camp to Stop Pit Closures


The Drift- Hardback

A hardback museum publication with photographs by Ian Beesley and words by Ian McMillan.


Dust In The Blood

A fictional novel set in post WW1 surrounding a catastrophic collapse with men trapped below ground.


Pit Pony

Pit Pony Novel


Pit Profiles- Reprofiled- Paperback

A National Coal Mining Museum publication funded by Arts Council England containing colour photographs, dedicated to the workforce of Kellingley Colliery, past, present & future.


BJD Book- Paperback

BJD –Dresser had an international reputation as a manufacturer of reliable conveyors and crushers which made a significant contribution to the mechanisation of the coal industry and road-building machinery. The book showcases some of the contributions the company made to industrial heritage and for its employees.


Caphouse Colliery Paperback

A brief documentation of the evolution of Caphouse Colliery from plans of shafts being sunk in 1791 to becoming the National Coal Mining Museum


Heat Pump Technology- Paperback

Renewable Energy is now considered the pinnacle energy source. The National Coal Mining Museum has conducted extensive research into using the waste minewater to heat their buildings giving it the opportunity to not only chronicle the past of energy consumption but the future as well.


Caphouse to Calder Grove- Paperback

This book goes further than a story about a railway but also looks at the importance of people, who laboured in frequently dangerous conditions to make sure that the line kept working and wages kept coming.


Coal Queens- Paperback

Coal mining was more than a job it defined the identity of those who worked in the mines and their loved ones. Being related to a coal miner came with privileges including the ability to compete for the title of Coal Queen. Local winners were put forward to national competitions with great prestige and the opportunity to be the face of the coal industry. Find out what competing meant to the participants, what they won and how winning shaped their lives.


Strike- Not the end of the Story- Paperback

There is a 200 year history of strikes. The earliest photographs of strikes show crowds cheering their leaders, women organising communal kitchens and conflicts with law enforcement. These scenes are repeated decades and generations later. This book looks at what the conflicts in interest were over a hundred year period and how they were ultimately resolved.


Coal Faces Mining Lives Book

Portraits are increasingly being used as an artistic and social record. This book shows how portraiture has been used to capture mining history and those who shaped it.


‘Sing Beneath The Sun’ CD + A5 Booklet

Inspired by the lives of his great-grandparents, Sam Jefferson’s 'Sing Beneath the Sun' tells a tragic, yet hopeful story of the mining and cotton milling communities of Barnsley during the early 20th century.


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