Ground-breaking film to be shown to mark 30th anniversary of the Great Strike at the National Coal Mining Museum for England

Award-winning artist and filmmaker Yvette Vanson marks the 30th anniversary of the Great Strike with a free showing of her poignant picture The Battle For Orgreave at the National Coal Mining Museum for England on 28 February 2015.

As part of her new exhibition 'Miners', the event invites guests to join in a discussion with Yvette Vanson and guests to mark this anniversary.

The ground-breaking documentary for Channel 4 was fuelled by the 1984 Rotherham ‘riot’, where many miners were charged and eventually acquitted for their part in the incident. The Battle For Orgreave, which is produced and directed by Yvette Vanson, examines the trial as well as the economic and political aspects of the strike.

Vanson took the miners back to the place where the confrontation with the forces of the state had happened on June 18 1984, enabling the miners to re-enact their own experience of that day making the film a powerful testimony of the miners’ story.
When discussing the social significance of The Battle For Orgreave, Yvette Vanson explained why she made this film:

“I thought we had to get the immediacy again of what had happened at Orgreave, and we also had to disprove what practically the whole of the mass media had said: that miners were vicious, they had used violence, and we knew full well that it wasn’t so.

“Everybody had been told and believed that miners were the culprits, and we had to try and turn it around and say well actually, sometimes they are culprits, but mostly they were victims.”

The Miners’ exhibition is intended to celebrate miners globally and commemorates the spirit of community witnessed by Vanson throughout her career. It explores the political and social questions surrounding the mining industry through portraits of miners around the world.

Entry is free to the film showing, but does require booking in advance.
The exhibition runs until 26 April 2015.

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