Victorian Miner

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Learning outcomes:

  • Know the different jobs children did underground and how a family had to work together
  • Understand the working conditions children had to endure underground in the early 1800’s
  • Empathise with the children who worked underground and make comparisons between life then and now
  • To consider the implications of the 1842 Mines Act and how it affected the lives of mining families.
  • Develop literacy skills.


National Curriculum Links:

KS1/2 History

  •        Local history study (significant aspect of history or site from period beyond 1066)
  •        Changes within living memory
  •        Significant people and places (miners and pits) in their own locality
  •        Historical enquiry skills

KS3 History

  •        Ideas, political power, industry & empire: Britain, 1745-1901
  •        Local history study (historical perspective: connections between local/national history)
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