Loan Boxes

The Museum’s loan boxes stimulate curiosity and provide a hands-on approach to learning.

Our range of loans boxes cover different themes but they all typically include objects from our handling collection, photographs, background information and ideas for activities.

Loan boxes are FREE and can be borrowed for up to four weeks at a time. We just ask that you collect and return the boxes; you can organise this to coincide with your visit if you have one booked.

To book a box, please contact the Education team on 01924 848806 or by email at

 Choose from one of the loan boxes below:

Please note: the loans boxes are currently not available until February half-term. 

Mining Portraiture

1930s Work

1930s Family

Striking Images ( Miners' strike 1984-85)

1980s Mining Life

1980s Mining Safety

1980s Mining Tools

Coal Measures Fossils

Victorian Home

Victorian Pit Life Prints

Victorian Work

Lights Out

Sally Fletcher and the 1842 commission

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