Loan Boxes

The Museum’s loan boxes stimulate curiosity and provide a hands-on approach to learning.

Our range of loans boxes cover different themes but they all typically include objects from our handling collection, photographs, background information and ideas for activities.

We have seven loan boxes that can be hired by schools for half a term at a cost of £20.00 per box, per half term:

For loans box enquiries, please email

Miners at Work

This box includes the tools and equipment that were used by miners during the working day. Explore the conditions and elements that the miners had to endure on a day-to-day basis and learn how technologies and health and safety have changed over time.

Victorian Work

This box features artifacts that were used by Victorian families in their working lives down the pit. Learn about the harsh jobs that women, men, and children did to put bread on the table and how working as a team was so important to earn a living.

Victorian Home

The box represents Victorians from poorer households when all the family worked down the pit. Explore how advancements in technology have changed the way in which we live our lives today and the creative ways that families learnt to save money by making do and mending. 

Victorian Kitchen

Discover what nifty gadgets and equipment were used in a Victorian kitchen to save money. Compare how cooking methods and recipes have changed over time and see which processes are still used in our kitchens at home today.

Mining Jobs

Learn about the different jobs that 20th Century miners did above and below ground depending on their set of skills and expertise. Explore the jobs that took place above and below ground in the working coal mine. Discover the tools and equipment needed for pony drivers, shot firers and face workers. 

Mining Dress-up

Dress up as a Victorian miner, modern day Miner or a Pit Brow Lass to learn first-hand what uniforms were worn to carry out their specific job roles. Explore how clothing would help to keep busy mine workers safe and warm and how technological advancements have changed miners’ uniform over time.

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