Use these resources to support learning about local history, the Industrial Revolution and children working in mines.

Media desktop high res using evidence

Historical Enquiry resource using different types of evidence from the 1842 Children's Employment Commission.

Media desktop high res mining factsheet

A selection of evidence taken from the 1842 Children’s Employment Commission.

Media desktop high res mining vocab

Mining Vocabulary sheet

Illustration showing the chronology of coal mining

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Media desktop high res folk music

A poetry and folk music resource, created to support a local history study about coal mining. 

Media desktop high res in our own words precis

A folk music resource, packed with ideas for using folk songs to learn about coal mining.

Media desktop high res mine s strike resource

Download the resource below to find out the history behind the Miner's Strike in 1984-85.

Media desktop high res miner s strike precis

Download the NCMME's guide to The 1984-85 Miner's Strike.

Media desktop high res miner s strike precis teachers guide

Download the Teacher's Guide for the Miner's Strike 1984-85.

Media desktop high res ncm galaday instapost 1080x1080 06

Learn about the history of Gala Day and have a go at preparing for your own gala!

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History of Mining in Art

Learn more about the history of mining as documented by key artists such as Norman Phillips, Marjorie Arnolds, Phillip Toft and more.

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Access resources and images relating to the role of women and children in mining.

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