Art and Music

There is a rich tradition of art and music in mining communities. Use these resources to explore the cultural heritage of mining communities and to support your own creative learning about coal mining.


Media desktop high res folk music

A folk music resource, with activities and songs about coal mining. Developed with the English Folk Dance and Song Society and schools from Featherstone.

Media desktop high res in our own words precis

A coal mining folk music and poetry resource, which develops skills in history, literacy and music. Developed with the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

Learning through art

Download our sketching resource and plan an art-focussed visit, using our  self-guided resource, which has ideas for sketching and drawing around site.

Learn about the mining artist, George Bissill who was a miner and WW1 soldier. 

View and find out more about how miners were represented through Fine Art works on Art UK's website

Media desktop high res exploring urban and rural landscapes

An Art resource, which explores urban and rural landscapes.  

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Have you thought about using the Museum as inspiration for an Arts Award project? Download our free Arts Award Discover Log Book and Teachers' Resource.


Media desktop high res teacher resource arts award

Teacher's Resource Art Award

Media desktop high res pupils arts awards

Pupils Resource Art Award

Learning Resources

Download our learning resources, including our mining factsheets, loan boxes and image bank for artistic inspiration.

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