Arts Award

An imaginative way to explore our Museum and develop your pupils’ talents in the arts 

The arts are all around you at our Museum! Use our fun and engaging resource pack, to help your pupils achieve an Arts Award Discover (introductory level) using our unique site as inspiration.

 What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is an engaging and enjoyable way for young people to experience the arts, develop creative and leadership skills and achieve a national accredited qualification. It can be achieved at 5 levels (Discover, Explore, Bronze, Silver and Gold) to suit young people aged 5 to 25 Arts Award gives your pupils the opportunity:

  •   enjoy the arts
  •   find out about artists and arts/cultural organisations
  •   try out new art forms
  •   develop cross-curricular knowledge and skills including creativity, independent learning, confidence, leadership, problem solving, team working, lateral thinking and reflection 

Find out more about Arts Award here

Arts Award

Discover & Explore Arts Award at the Museum

We think our Museum is fantastic place to develop your pupils’ creative talents and is a perfect starting point for an Arts Award project.

To help you we have created a Pupil Log Book and Teacher Resource, which leads pupils on a creative journey around the Museum where they complete a variety of arts activities, including drawing, creative writing and role play. Many of our workshops also support Arts Award.

There are also suggested activities and ideas to use back in the classroom too, which once completed, will provide the evidence required for your pupils to achieve Arts Award Discover.

Download these documents below.

Media desktop high res art award
Media desktop high res pupils arts awards

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Please get in touch with us if you’d like to talk to us about an Arts Award visit or would like to discuss a different idea for a creative project by email or phone 01924 848806 


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