Grafters: Industrial Society in Image and Word

From 13th May through to 1st September 2019, the National Coal Mining is thrilled to be the new home of Ian Beesley’s ‘Grafters: Industrial Society in image and word’, an exhibit that explores scenes of industrial life in 19th, 20th and 21stcentury Britain.

After having been seen by 60,753 people while at the Peoples History Museum in Manchester, it then went on to be displayed at Bradford Industrial Museum, with over 100,000 now having viewed the exhibit. And now you can!

The images see the role of industrial workers change from objects to subjects, from units of scale to heroes. Latterly workers became the photographers themselves, directing and shooting pictures of their own lives, seen through their own lens.

Some of the themes of the exhibition include:

  1. Beginnings
  2. Industrialisation
  3. A Unit of Scale
  4. The portrait
  5. The heroic
  6. Self-representation
  7. The workforce
  8. The industrial landscape
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