Nationalisation Song

Bryony Griffith from English Folk Song & Dance Society

"Following a trip to the NCMME where the pupils of Heath View Academy learnt about the impact of Nationalisation on the working and social lives of the Miners and the changes it made to the Mining industry, the year 5 pupils set about writing a celebratory song about Nationalisation back at school.

Encouraged to explore rhymes and structure using vocabulary learnt at the NCMME, the pupils created the lines for the chorus which was intended to represent the festivities of Vesting day and the feeling of celebration.

In small groups they came up with ideas for the verses that described all the positive changes brought about by Nationalisation. Although quite a deep subject, putting the ideas into a rhyming structure and adding a catchy tune made it easier to remember and understand.

The year 2s also learnt the song and began to gain a better understanding of what Nationalisation meant to the miners and their families.

The two whole classes performed at the exhibition opening with great enthusiasm and helped to teach the chorus to the audience, which was then sung as the Vesting day flag was raised outside.

A smaller group also performed the song along with some traditional coalmining songs at the Wakefield Music Services 'Hubalaboo' concert at wakefield Theatre Royal the following day.

The song will be used by staff at the NCMME to support the exhibition and will be taught to other visiting schools."

Nationalisation, Hip Hooray!

Written by Bryony Griffith with Year 5 pupils at Heath View Academy 9/3/17


The Pits owned by the nation
For future generations
Hip Hooray!

Training and education
Welfare and recreation
Come join the celebration
Hip Hooray!

V.1. It's vesting day, the flags are made
The brass band plays in the big parade
The signs are up for the NCB
The mines are ours, we've got the key


V.2. There are new pit baths to keep us clean
And tasty food in the new canteen
Medical rooms in case we're hurt
And new machines to ease our work


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