Nick Ellwood impressed the Museum team with his illustration style and original ideas for the 'By the People, For the People' project. He has created all of the illustrations for the panels using pen and ink sketches to help bring the story of nationalisation to life.

In particular, Nick’s attention to detail ensures the visitor is drawn into the 1940s world. Nick has spent a lot of time researching the period to get the look and feel correct, using the characters of a miner, a politician, a miner's wife, a child and a pit owner.

In the exhibition ‘teaser’ space the visitor will find a dynamic ‘fantasy question time panel’ comprising notable politicians from the past who have been connected to the story of nationalisation / privatisation through the years, from Keir Hardie and Nye Bevan through to Margaret Thatcher and John Major.

Click on the video below to listen to Nick talking about his approach to the project.

Artist’s Bio

Nick studied at Middlesex University & the Chelsea School of Art. Fascinated by the behaviours, quirks and characteristics in us all, Nick develops his carefully observed line drawings through both traditional and digital media to help tell and celebrate the stories of today.

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