The branding for the exhibition has been developed by Leeds-based The Archipelago Studio out of the wonderful photography of Harold White and their research into the typography, publications, posters and other printed materials from the era.

In an iconic photograph White captured a miner looking up at a newly installed NCB sign outside his pit. These signs appeared outside every pit following nationalisation and the typography and framing inspired the logo for the exhibition.

The exhibition design is bold and striking in its colour scheme and typography but also pared back in its arrangement. This is to allow the large scale illustrations and murals by illustrator Nick Ellwood to take centre stage and tell the story of the nationalisation of the coal industry.

Leeds-based designer Nicola Moxon of Pure DC has worked on the 3D design of the exhibition. 

Nicola comments "In terms of the spatial design for the exhibition we were really keen to develop an interactive experience in which the visitor can become a part of the exhibition itself, physically engaging with the illustrations and story being told. By creating a sense of intrigue and exploration through the use of conductive ink we were able to create tactile, interactive surfaces in addition to carefully positioned props and accessory details to bring a 3 dimensional aspect to the content."

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