Creating the Exhibition

We are delighted to be working with Yorkshire's creative talent on the 'By the People, For the People' exhibition.

The Museum has been exploring new ways of working in order to engage visitors with the main themes of the exhibition. Our priority has been to experiment with a variety of interpretation. We have worked closely with the designers and illustrator to create a visually strong, inspiring and interactive environment in which families can fully engage.

We have personalised the story of Nationalisation by telling it through the experiences of different people/characters - a politician, former mine owner, miner, NUM official, miner’s wife and child. The idea can be compared to a ‘choose your own adventure’ story whereby visitors can pick a character whom they wish to follow at the start of the exhibition. Visitors can keep revisiting the exhibition to select a different character and take something new away each time. We feel that this will enable us to cover the main themes of Nationalisation in a more engaging way i.e. growth of the industry, modernisation and technological improvements, welfare, culture.

Our Learning team have also been working closely with the Living History Interpreters to create new characters. We have included recordings of the new characters and incorporated these conversations into the exhibition, which will help reduce our reliance on written interpretation.

An independent illustrator Nick Ellwood has been appointed by the Museum to create these characters, working closely with The Archipelago Design and Pure Design Consultancy the exhibition designers.

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