Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays!

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays!

3 year old Matthew loves Wednesdays: “Coal Mining Museum!!”, he leaps out of bed with an extra spring in his step.

Really, there’s so much to keep a young child fascinated at the NCM that you could take them there any day and not get bored, but Wednesdays are special because they are “Wacky Wednesdays.”

A warm welcome from a fluffy Morris the Miner and his team and a well-planned sequence of activities that incorporates songs, rhymes, stories and craft activities keeps the little ones entertained and inspired in a way that is quite unique in my experience.

There is always some sort of clever link to mining woven in. What’s under the ground? What does it feel like down there? What do you need to take with you? Darkness and Light.

All the children seem to warm to the nurturing atmosphere and engage. For us adults, it’s great to be able to do something interesting with our children where someone else has done all the hard work! All credit to the team of staff and volunteers. There is always a little creation to take away and Matthew is always very proud of his.

He trots off cheerfully and joins many of the others at the next favourite stop: The soft play room in the middle of the building. He would spend all day there and the spectacular new outdoor playground, but he also likes exploring the large outdoor site. Various vehicles from train engines and trucks to mysterious machines for cutting into the coalface are dotted around the site and catch his eye. So many buildings to pop in and out of, full of surprises.

I like to think we are both learning quite a lot about mining too as we potter around! With so much to see and do, and a very pleasant café serving really hearty meals and delicious cakes, the NCM is a great place to hang out for the whole day or to meet other friends with the kids.

Bring your Under 5 to a Wacky Wednesday session!


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