Why Volunteer?

Posted on by Melanie Charlton

Why Volunteer ?

 Ever since I was an undergrad student I’ve volunteered at various places. When I first started volunteering it was to find out more about the profession I was interested in pursuing. In my case it was working in an art gallery. From these early experiences I was able to pick the curators and other staff’s brain; ask them how they got started, where and what they studied and how do I get started. They all said the same thing, they’d also volunteered at places.

 As it turned out, volunteering also helped build up my CV and my post-grad application. Without the volunteering experience I’d built up at different places I wouldn’t have got onto my Masters course. By volunteering you’re showing initiative and that you’re passionate and interested in the subject.

 After completing my Masters course I’d gained all the qualifications I needed to do the job I wanted but I was lacking in experience. From volunteering at places such as the National Coal Mining Museum I was able to build up my experience in behind the scenes roles such as research, activity planning as well as leading my own projects for the museum. For example, as a recent graduate I was able to use my up to date knowledge on visitor research to find out how visitors use the museum. I was able to gain new skills and knowledge as well as use the qualifications I’d already got. Like before I was able to ask colleagues for advice on job applications and if there was anything else I could do to build up my CV. Everyone was very supportive and gave me great advice which helped me go on to get a job that I love.

 Even if you’re not looking for a job in a museum, the experience skills and knowledge that’s gained from volunteering there can be transferred to anything. I guarantee you’ll learn something new every day. 

For more information about volunteering at the museum, please visit our opportunities page. 

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