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What’s in Our Water - June 25th -29th 2018

Sharon Healy – Assistant Education Officer

Spring is here and I am beginning to think about the summer. One of the projects I really enjoy is working with Doctor Jeremy Hopwood from Huddersfield University on our ‘What’s in Our Water’ workshop. This workshop is looking at the problems faced by the old workings which can cause pollution to the water system. Mine water is pumped out at the Museum. I always learn something new about the mine water. It surprises our visitors to see this orange water known as ochre and also to learn that we have a water treatment plant here to clean it up before it goes back into the water system.

We have a practical session outside – generally the weather is good -where we collect water samples and take some readings before heading back to the Museum. Students get to use our oxygen probes to take readings of oxygen and temperature. We also look at the turbidity of the water at different places in the treatment process





Then students don their white coats to test the water and see what’s in it. We analyse the results of the group looking at its ph., turbity and iron concentration. These tests mirror testing that is done regulary on site and so gives the students a taste of real world science as well as working with an academic from the university.

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