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Volunteers in Conversation

This month we've been catching up with volunteers Sue and Pam as they reflect on their experiences of Visitor Experience Volunteering at the Museum.

Sue: “The Visitor Experience role I do is not just a case of meeting coaches and helping teachers find their way around the site and to workshops, there are so many other things to be getting on with. On a normal day in school term time we have to also make sure areas of the museum such as Little Diggers and rubbings are kept tidy and supplied with crayons, sharp pencils and paper. I help the education department with tasks such as checking the loans boxes when they are returned, laminating and copying. Time flies and we don’t stop till it is time to go home. In the past I have prepared the craft activities for Wacky Wednesdays (under fives weekly activity), and we have both helped at the annual Christmas and Seaside Special events haven’t we?“

Pam: "Yes it is certainly varied and always interesting being a volunteer here isn’t it? I work in the education office doing research (and any other task needed doing like you) during term time and time certainly flies by, but during school holidays, and for special events I really enjoy spending the day in the galleries and around site with you and the other volunteers talking to visitors and hearing their mining family stories, helping visitors navigate the site and see all the museum has to offer."

Sue: "It is really satisfying because by doing this and encouraging children to join in the free activities they have a much more enjoyable visit."

Pam: - "The site is so big and there is so much to see that visitors often tell us how much they appreciate having us there to give them information about exhibits and help them to see as much as possible on their day out"

Sue: "One of the best things is that we are always told what needs doing and can just get on with it, but we always have support from the staff if we need it."

Pam: "Yes and I for one, think it is great that the staff appreciate that we have skills from our previous professional lives that are relevant to our volunteer roles. Our life experience comes in pretty handy too as Visitor Experience volunteers!"

To find out more about how you can join the Digital Collections Team as a volunteer please click on this Visitor Experience Volunteering link.

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