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Volunteers in Conversation

This month we've been catching up with volunteers Dave and Garry as they reflect on the new Hope Pit Explore project they have been involved with over the Summer.

So how have you enjoyed volunteering at the Museum this Summer?

Dave "I’m really enjoying being part of the Hope Pit Explore project team. It’s re-kindled my interest in mining and, as a former mechanical engineer it brings back so many memories. It’s a long time since I’ve seen a joy-rider for instance! For a retired miner like me – and I’ve been retired a few years now - getting a volunteering role that’s something I’m comfortable with….well this is tailor made for me. It’s given me a whole new direction in life. Of course it’ll be different for you Garry because you’re still working."

Garry: "But not in mining. My last shift at Kellingley in 2015 doesn’t seem that long ago though."

Dave: "…but to give up one of your days off to volunteer here!" 

Garry: "It’s because I don’t want people to forget about mining history and the industry. I know you can’t teach people how to be a miner in a forty minute look round Hope Pit and the Lister- Kaye header but I like to think that you, me and Pat have put something together that will give them a ‘feel’ for what we had to do. It’s really great when we meet relatives of former miners who seem to want to experience maybe a small part of what their parents experienced."

Dave: "They were great days – it’s the camaraderie that I miss."

Garry: "So doing this is like getting back to our natural habitat then mate!"

To find out more about how you can join the Hope Pit Explore project team as a volunteer please click on this Hope Pit Explore Volunteer link.

To find out more about the Hope Pit Explore experience as a visitor to the Museum please click on this Hope Pit Explore what's on page link. 




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