Volunteering September - Looking Back and Moving Forwards!

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Volunteering at the Museum enjoyed a successful year in 2015. Celebrate these achievements by reading our regular volunteering blog. Discover what was happening this time last year whilst looking forward to each month and find out the news about volunteering in 2016. Perhaps you will be inspired to become one of our valued volunteers!


This month in 2015

In 2015 the Volunteers held the first volunteer forum to express their views and opinions on different aspects of the Museum.

They had spent a busy summer interacting with Museum visitors and were able to bring this experience and their own, often professional, expertise and feedback to the forum.

Many insightful comments were made and the volunteers were able to prioritise what they considered, after much discussion, was the most pressing and necessary improvements needed to create a good visitor experience.

This was the beginning of giving volunteers, as a group, a real voice in the Museum.


This month in 2016

In 2016 the volunteers have definitely established themselves as a voice to listen to in the museum. There are more and more opportunities to contribute in a very positive way to the future shaping of the Museum.

For example volunteers have been invited onto task teams looking at ways of improving different aspects of the museum and invited to contribute to consultation workshops.

Our coal shed poet volunteers will be meeting this month as well as our artists and puppet volunteers! How lucky we are that they wish to donate their artistic skills.

If you have such a skill that you would like to share please contact the volunteer co-ordinator SallyAnn Burley on 01924 844566.



If you'd like more information please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by email on sallyann.burley@ncm.org.uk or telephone on 01924 848806 ext. 214.

If you know which role you'd like to apply for, please download the NCMME Volunteer Application Form and send it through to us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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