Volunteer Stories - Dave Alton

Posted on by Anita O'Donovan

There's only one day to go until our volunteer open day on 18th May, and to round off our week of volunteer stories, today we're sharing a poem written by our volunteer poet, Dave Alton of the Coalshed Poets.


Draw attention, stand out from the crowd,

Take a step forwards and say, “I will!”

Put your hand up, don’t keep your head bowed,

Catch the eye, lend an ear, use your skill.

Find a fresh purpose, show that you care,

Discover and mine a whole new seam

Within yourself you didn’t know was there,

Be the individual in the team.

Seek satisfaction, do something worthwhile,

Become the headstock of heritage

Helping to make our history clear.

You’re someone who’ll go the extra mile

To open the past and turn the page.

If this is you, don’t wait, volunteer!

If, like Dave and the rest of the volunteers, you're keen to spend your free time helping out here at the Museum, then come along to our volunteer open day on 18th May from 10am - 2pm and learn about some of the volunteer roles that we offer, including roles as a nature volunteer, a family volunteer and a heritage volunteer. For more details, see https://www.ncm.org.uk/whats-on/volunteer-open-day 


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