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August's Activity:

August! Holiday season! And so many of us going…nowhere! Why not send a postcard anyway? Instead of the usual “Wish you were here”, how about, “Wish I was there”?

“Wish I was there” this month’s theme for contributions to the Voices from the Coal Shed blog and the virtual museum at the National Coal Mining Museum of England. This is open to any age and from anywhere.

The Coalshed has received a number of postcards throughout August. A reminder of pre-Covid summers. “I wish you were here” became “I wish I was there”, giving chance for that freest form of travel, by imagination.

As always contributions were varied as to destinations, expectations and the joy of wishful thinking. Age proved no barrier and each and every one was unique. As always a shared experience, the present pandemic, produced individual responses. They are all welcome as valued exhibits for the virtual museum, the next chapter in the growing anthology going on display.

What will September bring to the Coalshed?

I wish I was…

 …in Norfolk at my favourite camp site. I would be swimming in the swimming pooland running on the grass. It is a massive camp site with play areas which have lots of fun things to do. When I am there I feel as happy as a laughing hyena.

Caitlin Alton


I wish I was…

 …in Toronto where I was due to be, before Covid. I was going to watch Leeds Rhinos v Toronto Wolf Pack and go in the nice pool on the top of the hotel. I was also looking forward to a theme park.

Rebecca Alton


I wish I was…

 …sailing on Adriatic Sea surrounded by endless blue sky and sparkling sea. The wind whipping the sails as we skim along bouncing on the gentle waves. Anticipating clambering into the dinghy to be whisked ashore for a delicious meal in a restaurant.

Jacqueline Garrood


We went to a farm in the Peak District. We went for a walk and got drenched in the rain. We walked some alpacas and went in the hot tub. Portugal would have been hotter and less rainy. We wish we’d been there, swimming in the big swimming pool and eating ice cream.

James (8) & William (6) Fraser


Sun, sea and sangria

Wish I was there

Dining out, diving in ,acting on impulse

Wish I was there

Even traffic jams and airport chaos and that little voice from the back seat enquiring “are we there yet?”

Wish I was there….well almost


It’s not too far

You know we have to book!

Will the loos be open?

Which is the quietest day with the least people about?

That’s where we are

Wish I wasn’t there



Dear Joe …

Why not take an outing to the N.C.M. Museum?



        Parents (better still – grandparents!)

        A spare morning/afternoon


        Follow the footsteps and your interests

        Note the free and challenging adventure playground

        Marvel at the machinery

        Discover the pit ponies

        Unlock the past and see how children worked

        Listen to your ancestors

        Explore what’s under your feet.


Follow the big people and let them talk!

You will then be able to wander and wonder.

Have fun!

Lesley Randal


Dear Dave,

I wish I was in Madeira on my holidays.  I would be swimming in the pool, diving for my dive sticks and playing on a jet ski if I could!

I would be snoozing and reading, and having breakfast desserts.  I would be fishing from a jetty for mullets in the sea. 

I miss getting up in the middle of the night and going to the airport in my pyjamas!

Wish I was there,


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